Rock the Vote: “What do we have to lose?” Music Video Released

What Do We Have to Lose?


Only Everything. So, VOTE NOVEMBER 8. Get your vote on here
This video is a collaboration between The Philosopher’s Stone and Big Bowl of Ideas. The song was inspired by the rampant, hate-filled rhetoric of a certain candidate for president and a fervent belief that we will do better. #GOVOTE

Song written and performed by Gabriel ‘Asheru’ Benn, Wayna, and Roddy Rod.

Recorded and Mixed by Awthentik for

Video footage shot by Everett Richardson
For Straight No Chaser/Guerilla Arts Ink

Video produced by Big Bowl of Ideas
Executive Producer: Wyatt Closs
Editor: Jon Sautter

Visual Art by Sheila Pree Bright, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, and Ben Arnon